The Art of Medical Leadership Book & Program

One of the core programs that we provide is The Art of Medical Leadership™ Program.  Using the book as a workbook, we offer two options:

1) Live Virtual Program

2) Video Series

We invite you to take yourself to a new leadership level and expand your influence to make an even greater difference while increasing your enjoyment of your work.

  • Physician & Medical Staff Conflict or Burnout: Do you or others on your team experience a lack of collaboration or feel close to burnout?
  • Medical Staff Turnover: Are you training staff members only to have them leave?
  • Patient Experience: Are your patient satisfaction scores lower than you want?
  • Medical Team Cohesiveness: Do you envision your team functioning at the next level?
  • Physician Leadership: Are you or your physicians ready to fine-tune your leadership skills to expand your influence?
  • ME Credit: Eligible participants will have the opportunity to receive credit. You can learn more about the available continuing education credit: Online Program or Video Series.
Have fun and take yourself to the next level of leadership!
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Suzan Oran Leading the Live Virtual Program

Who Participates in the Medical Leadership Program?

  • Executives
  • Corporate staff
  • Operation team members
  • Physicians
  • Practice managers
  • Nurses
  • Medical staff

"True leadership is drawing out leadership from others. Every person on the team can provide leadership from their role."
- Suzan Oran

Program Survey Results

What would be possible if this was true for you or your group?

  • 94% Agree. Since completing the program, I experience being more effective as a leader and positively influencing my role.
  • 94% Agree. Since completing the program, I am now communicating with others (such as colleagues, patients, family members, etc.) with an increased sense of connection, more clarity, and fewer misunderstandings.

Scott Conard, MD

More About the Program

  • Who: Anyone who directly or indirectly cares for patients - physicians, providers, midwives, nurses, healthcare executives & management, practice managers, and medical staff
  • Purpose of Program: To have your medical group achieve a new level of success in the areas of - patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, operational efficiency, and profitability.
  • You will achieve this by taking yourself to a new leadership level and having a new level of alignment and powerful collaboration as a team.
  • Having your healthcare group or medical practice at peak performance occurs when you draw out leadership from each team. No matter where a person is on the organizational chart, they can provide leadership to make your patients' biggest difference. This program is designed to provide tools that facilitate improving medical outcomes for your patients while increasing patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and your business's overall success. By applying the distinctions we provide, you will fully utilize your previous experience and knowledge to lead through a deeper intuitive understanding of leadership.
  • CME Credit: Eligible participants will have the opportunity to pay a separate fee to CME outfitters, LLC, take a post-test, and receive their credit. You can learn more about the available continuing education credit: Online Program or Video Series.

What People Are Saying About the Book

Leadership Online Program

  • Ten - 1.5 hour online sessions.

Which program is right for you?

  • Individual Physician Program or
  • Healthcare Group Program

Individual Physician Program

Take yourself to a new level of leadership and increase your influence!

Healthcare Group Program

Transform your healthcare group by hosting your own leadership program!

The program uses the book as a guide. We take one chapter per session in the ten-session format. 

What will you gain from this program?

  • Experience an integrated, cohesive team within your practice or area of healthcare, aligned to achieve consistent, outstanding medical outcomes for your patients.
  • Expand your ability to lead your staff in being an inspired and fully engaged team.
  • Interact with your staff in a way that encourages unpredictable ideas and solutions to take your practice to higher levels of excellence.
  • Learn how to incorporate a method for tracking projects and actions so that they fit into the busy schedule of your practice.
  • Increase your patient satisfaction scores as you and your staff incorporate these distinctions and rise to a new level of customer service.
  • Increase effective collaboration and enjoyment with work.

FAQ - Online Program

How do the online sessions work?

The program is very interactive and we use virtual sessions to increase a sense of connection and engagement. Participants sharing and asking questions are key components of the program. 

Are there requirements to participant in the program?

Yes. Participants read the chapter (or chapters) prior to each session, actively apply practice items between sessions and fill out the brief program surveys.

What is the program fee?

We offer two options.

1. Individual providers may take the program on a one-on-one basis. This is a unique opportunity to include individualized coaching as part of the program. The fee is $4,000 per person.

2. Healthcare Groups may host the program for their organization. This can include executives, providers, practice managers, nurses and MA's. The group program fee is $8,500 for a maximum of 15 participants.

Can participants earn continuing education credit?

Eligible participants will have the opportunity to pay a separate fee to CME Outfitters, LLC, take a post-test and receive their credit. You can learn more about the available continuing education credit here.

How do I get a copy of the book?

You can purchase your book here.

Is it possible to have this program presented in-house for our healthcare group?

Yes, we can custom design this program to be presented in person to include a larger number of participants.

How do I get more information about these options?

What the Participants Are Saying

Online Program Survey Results

Leadership Video Series

Ten one Hour Group In-House Sessions
Anywhere, anytime access. Unlimited viewing for one year.

FAQ - Video Series

How do the sessions work?

Participants meet in a group with your facilitator to watch one video session per week. The facilitator will pause the video according to the outline and guide participants to make lists, share, ask questions, and group brainstorming.

Are there, prerequisites?


1. You or your organization has previously participated in at least one online program.

2. Your facilitator has been trained by Suzan Oran and Associates.

Who will facilitate the video series?

You can elect to hire a Suzan Oran and Associates' trained facilitator for $1,200 per program or elect to have your in-house facilitator trained by Suzan Oran and Associates.

Are there assignments?

Yes, participants read the chapter prior to the session. Plus, there are practice items between sessions.

How many people can participate?

We suggest 5 – 25 participants per program. This provides a group setting where individuals can learn from each other and have time to share and fully participate in each session. Once you buy the annual subscription, you can then offer as many programs as you choose throughout the year.

Does each participant get a copy of the book?

Yes, each participant will use their own copy of the book as a workbook. Purchase books here.

What is the subscription fee, and how do we subscribe?

The annual subscription fee is based on the total number of employees in the organization. For the fee structure, more information, and to subscribe, Contact Suzan

Alter your organization's culture over time by having everyone in your organization participate in this dynamic program. This is ideal to be used as part of your onboarding process to ensure that your group continues to not only meet the changing needs in healthcare but to truly excel!

Once you or your organization has participated in at least one Art of Medical Leadership Online Program, you are eligible to use this video series in-house to have these distinctions, ideas, and concepts shape the culture of your entire organization. You will be able to schedule the sessions to fit your participants' schedules best. This video series is ideal for having all of your employees and medical staff take themselves to a new level of leadership to support your organization's success and ultimately improve patient care.