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What people are saying...


What people are saying…




“Over the last 20 years I have co-founded and founded two large physician service companies including an employment model physician group. The entities employed 3000 plus employees including 500 physicians and mid- level providers with top line consolidated revenue of over $400,000,000.

Suzan Oran ‘s expertise in developing leadership, facilitating communication and rallying the employees toward an intensely service oriented mission was integral to the success of the organization.

Over the years she managed workshops that were invaluable for c-suite leadership, operations leadership and lower and midlevel directors and managers. She was skillful at all levels.

Suzan’s workshops were a critical and perhaps indispensable part of our ultimate success.”

Clay Heighten, MD
Green Park & Golf Ventures
Former President of MedicalEdge Healthcare Group, PA


“Participating in Suzan Oran’s leadership workshops has elevated my performance as a leader as well as my direct reports.  With key distinctions about listening and being a “learner” versus a “knower”, I have invited my team to open up their minds and see what is possible within our team and the teams with which we interact.  These few distinctions a lone, have increased our teamwork, our camaraderie and therefore our end product for our patients and our community we serve.  Each leader on my team has stated their commitment to each other and continue to live within that commitment using the learnings from the leadership workshops as a framework.”

Jennifer A. Lee
Vice-President of Operations
Texas Health Physicians Group


“I came into leadership coaching with a very skeptical attitude. I am a very busy surgeon with a top rated practice but I am part of a group and I have few if any direct management responsibilities. Executive coaching seemed to me to be waste of time but as a senior partner in the group I agreed to take advantage of the opportunity.
The experience has been amazing. Leadership is not about taking charge but allowing others to be fully engaged at all times, to enable them to succeed at their tasks. It is about looking at how you think of your world and the inner conversation you have regarding it. It is this conversation which will lead, guide and direct your interactions with others. Leadership is managing your inner voice to allow you to look past superficial conflicts and to develop meaningful focused goals. It is taking these goals and allowing others to embrace them and make them theirs. You become a leader by sharing and giving, not by commanding and driving. These are thoughts and ideas that are clearly contrary to what many surgeons think. We have already incorporated many of these concepts into my department and the changes in the atmosphere, cohesiveness, and productivity have been amazing. By simply changing our attitude from being the best practice in our community to being the best for our community has united the department in a common goal that all can play an important part of. Success is about more than numbers. It is about engaging all of your staff in a common goal and when that happens, the numbers will come. I may have started out as a skeptic but no more.”

J. Eric Lomax, MD
Plastic Surgeon


“Suzan’s workshops and coaching have made a positive impact for my team and for me.

Her workshops have won over even my toughest managers. They say these ideas really do work and use them when they are confronted with difficult situations. We continue to call Suzan for one-on-one coaching for managers who need support during difficult times.  One manager stated, “I feel so much better after speaking to Suzan.” 

Personally I have improved my leadership skills. A few of the things I do differently:  I now begin meetings by reminding everyone to Listen For each other and we have more productive conversations. I now stop typing (as hard as it might be) and sit and really listen to people when they stop by my office to talk.  I have improved my delegation skills by asking for a “by when?” to ensure follow up.  Additionally, our employee satisfaction surveys have significantly improved since we began our project with Suzan.”

Sharon BlackMA,MT(ASCP)
Director, Laboratory Services
THPG Laboratory


“I have worked with Suzan Oran for nearly 18 years.  I have worked with her in my capacity as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of MedicalEdge Healthcare Group, Inc./PhyServe Physician Services as well as personally.  In my business capacity, I found Suzan to be an amazing asset to our organization.  She helped us build a mission statement from our people.  She helped us to live our mission statement, and to incorporate it as the steering wheel for action in our company.  She conducted seminars for us that increased a sense of possibility and empowerment.  The workshop segment  that focused on analyzing and repairing upsets was particularly useful.   I found her to be a “secret weapon” available to me and to my team for helping us to communicate and really hear each other on a daily basis.”

Carl Soderstrom, CEO
MedicalEdge/PhyServe Inc.

“The executive coaching that I have received from Suzan Oran has been instrumental in shaping my responses in my world as a physician executive.  I’m a work in progress, but more often than not I feel that I listen for the possibilities in situations and interpersonal relationships.  I see more than one approach to challenging encounters, and I have learned to assess the truth in situations and effectively communicate opinions and options.”

Lynn M. Myers, MD, CPC, CHC
MedicalEdge Healthcare Group, PA
VP Coding, Compliance & Education


“Without Suzan’s guidance, our firm would have struggled during a massive rework of our organizational structure. Suzan’s patience and diplomatic coaching permitted us to communicate with each other in a constructive manner while limiting the influence of our individual egos. At the end of the restructuring, we obtained an outcome with everyone’s input that has allowed us to grow seamlessly over the past year. She is especially good at encouraging you to focus on the positive attributes of each individual before jumping to conclusions. I continue to use Suzan’s coaching when situations arise where I need a third-party perspective on sensitive subjects.”

Jason L. Signor, CEO
Caddis Partners
Healthcare Real Estate and Investments



I don’t know where to begin to tell you what a positive impact your seminar has had on our staff. The atmosphere here this morning is so positive!!! Staff members are smiling. They are asking each other if they need help with anything.  They are making eye contact and friendly conversation with the patients.  They are speaking to patients on the phone with a smile in their voice.  Thank you for making such a difference here!!! I read somewhere once that you come into the world alone… leave the world alone…..and everything in between is a gift. You truly have a gift for bringing out the best in people. The gift of wanting them to achieve excellence!!! The doctors and I will be forever grateful.”

Candy Bigham, CMCO
Practice Manager
Texas Digestive Disease Consultants


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