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Leadership Video Series

Ten 1.5 Hour Group In-House Sessions

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Facilitated by Your In-House Facilitator

Alter the culture of your organization over time by having everyone in your organization participate in this dynamic program.  This is ideal to be used as part of your onboarding process to ensure that your group continues to not only meet the changing needs in healthcare but to truly excel!

Once you or your organization has participated in at least one Art of Medical Leadership Online Program, you are eligible to use this video series in-house to have these distinctions, ideas and concepts shape the culture of your entire organization.  You will be able to schedule the sessions to best fit your participants' schedules. This video series is ideal for having all of your employees and medical staff take themselves to a new level of leadership to support the success of your organization and ultimately improve patient care.


Scott Conard, MD


Frequently Asked Questions

How do the sessions work?  Participants meet in a group with your facilitator to watch one video session per week.  The facilitaor will pause the video according to the outline and guide paticipants in making lists, sharing, asking quesitons and group brainstorming.

Are there prerequisites?  Yes. 1. You or your organization has previously participated in at least one online program.  2.  Your facilitator has been trained by Suzan Oran and Associates.

How will our facilitator be trained?  Your facilitator will be trained by Suzan Oran and Associates to facilitate organized and productive sessions to support participants in maximizing the value they take from the program.

Are there assignments?  Yes, participants read the chapter prior to the session.  Plus, there are practice items between sessions.

Can participants earn continuing education credit?  Eligible participants will have the opportunity to pay a separate fee to CME Outfitters, LLC, take a post test and receive their credit.  You can learn more about the available continuing education credit here.

How many people can participate?  We suggest 5 – 25 participants per program.  This provides a group setting where individuals can learn from each other and to also have time for everyone to share and fully participate in each session.  Once you buy the annual subscription, you can then offer as many programs as you choose throughout the year.

Does each participant get a copy of the book?  Yes, each participant will use their own copy of the book as a workbook.  Purchase books here.

What is the subscription fee and how do we subscribe?  The annual subscription fee is based on the total number of employees in the organization.  For the fee structure, more information and to subscribe  Contact Suzan

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