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Leadership Online Program

Ten 1.5 hour Online Sessions or Five 2.0 hour Online Sessions


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Individual Physician Program  or  Healthcare Group Program


Individual Physician Program

Take yourself to a new level of leadership and increase your influence!


 Healthcare Group Program

Transform your healthcare group by hosting your own leadership program!


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The Online Program uses the book as a guide. We take one chapter per session in the ten session format or two chapters per session in the five session format.

The focus is for you to:

  • Experience an integrated, cohesive team within your practice or area of healthcare, aligned to achieve consistent, outstanding medical outcomes for your patients
  • Expand your ability to lead your staff in being an inspired and fully engaged team
  • Interact with your staff in a way that encourages unpredictable ideas and solutions to take your practice to higher levels of excellence
  • Learn how to incorporate a method for tracking projects and actions so that they fit into the busy schedule of your practice
  • Increase your patient satisfaction scores as you and your staff incorporate these distinctions and rise to a new level of customer service
Frequently Asked Questions

How do the calls work?  The program is very interactive.  Participants sharing and asking questions are key components of the program.  Participants receive an email with the link to join each session using their computer.  Once they have joined the meeting they will view the course material plus a live video of the leader facilitating the program.  They will  use the audio portion of “GoToMeeting” through their computer or by using their phone to ask questions and share with the group.  

Are there requirements to participant in the program?  Yes.  Participants read the chapter (or chapters) prior to each session, actively apply practice items between sessions and fill out the brief program surveys.

What is the program fee?  We offer two options.  1. Individual providers may take the program on a one-on-one basis. This is a unique opportunity to include individualized coaching as part of the program. The fee is $4,000 per person.  2. Healthcare Groups may host the program for their organization.  This can include executives, providers, practice managers, nurses and MA's.  The group program fee is $8,500 for a maximum of 15 participants.

Can participants earn continuing education credit?  Eligible participants will have the opportunity to pay a separate fee to CME Outfitters, LLC, take a post test and receive their credit.  You can learn more about the available continuing education credit here.

How do I get a copy of the book?  You can purchase your book here .

Is it possible to have this program presented in-house for our healthcare group?  Yes, we can custom design this program to be presented in person to include a larger number of participants.

How do i get more information about these options?  Contact Suzan

What participants are saying… 
Online Program Survey Results

94% Agree   Since completing the program, I experience being more effective as a leader and having a more positive influence from my role.

94% Agree   Since completing the program, I am now communicating with others (such as colleagues, patients, family members, etc.) with an increased sense of connection, more clarity and fewer misunderstandings.

Practice Manager:  One of the BEST courses I have ever been apart of. Thank you.

Executive:  I wish we could have these meetings monthly.

Provider:  I am continuing to read the book, and finding new ideas and recommendations, making our daily work more productive, enjoying every opportunity to improve our patient care, and the relationship with our co-workers.

MD:  The program was great.

MD:  Excellent program – thanks.

COO:  The program has provided a lot of motivation to change things in our organization.  Instead of corporate trying to “get” others to change – now people that have taken the program are coming to corporate with a lot of good ideas for positive change and are ready to really achieve something.  We now have a lot of powerful collaboration.

Three managers that took the program got together and are now leading a group for change.   Their agenda has a lot of Suzan Oran in it :).  They have a lot of really good ideas that they are bringing to corporate.

I had some concern that this program would only provide a brief increase in motivation.  But that’s not what happened.  We have really shifted to a new place.  This has been very powerful!

MD:  I am at a different level of leadership since I started applying the teachings and recommendations from the book.  This program has definitely made a difference in the way I see the clinic and how I interact with the rest of the staff in the clinic.  I now acknowledge everybody, I’m powerfully listening to everybody, setting my ego aside and putting the patients first.  I definitely think the program is very helpful and is leaving us at a better level.  Thank you very much.

MD:  Thank you for the time you have spent with us.  It has been wonderful.  I have learned a lot.  Number one – what I have taken from the program is in my level of leadership in dealing with upsets.  The beautiful quote that keeps playing in my head is “A happy life is not in the absence of hardships but in the mastery of hardships.”

Also about being a team player.  I now publically acknowledge my team for the good that they do and then be private when addressing something that I think is not going in the right direction.

Practice Manager:  What I am taking from the book is that it steers you in the right direction to implement positive relationship skills.  I do think that is has taken me to a new level of leadership with the things that I have learned and that I’ve implemented in my practice.  For instance, being more open to feedback and always appreciating your staff.  Then the coaching you have done with us as well, I think we can all use.  I have learned some things that are working efficiently.  I’m going to keep implementing them because they are attributes to being a strong leader.   I’ve learned a lot from this program.

Practice Manager:  I am at a new level of leadership from this program.  I am going on two years being here, and I’ll definitely continue to think more and be more efficient in my position.

FNP-C:  I am new to this role and this has helped me adjust.  It has helped me become a better leader.  I have had leadership training before but this will help me fulfill on my goals.

PA-C:  Actually I enjoyed this very much.  I’ve been through a lot of leadership training in the military.  Not all companies offer programs like this for employees.  In fact like the book says, this program needs to be offered to all levels in our clinic.  Every member is a leader. I really enjoyed the program.  There are a lot of things I learned.  Especially about meeting the patient at their level when they’re upset whether I felt the situation warranted their emotional reaction or not.  And now I want to share this with the rest of the MAs what I have taken from this program.

PA-C:  So, I have about 5 or 6 takeaway points.  One of the things I have enjoyed is how to be engaged with the staff and to be more supportive and hopefully that will inspire them.   Maybe figuring out different ways to solve problems, get out of the box a little bit and get them to get out of their box to solve a problem.  I’ve learned how to track projects and see where things are along the way.  I’ve learned how to be a better manager and to encourage others to be managers in their area and for them to rise to the next level.   We’re now using the meeting formats to be more cohesive by getting the staff to share more and for them to be introspective for themselves and be respectful to others.  We have all learned a lot.   Thank you.

Manager:  I want to thank you for this wonderful book and the wonderful coaching that you have done. I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve learned to communicate better with Robert.  I am now taking feedback from my staff and learning to always acknowledge them on a daily basis.   Thanks again.

Practice Manager:  Basically what I am taking from all of this is to be more open with the staff and being able to approach them easier.  To acknowledge them more open.  Also, the meeting formats for staff meetings have worked out good for us. 

Practice Manager:  What I am taking from this program is leadership to the next level for all of us here in Grand Prairie.  My communication with our provider has improved and I have had some issues with providers in the past.  The leadership program has helped a whole lot.  The communication with corporate has improved a lot as well.  They are more on top of things now and are helping us more.

FNP-C:  I will keep this book handy.  I am going to keep it close so that when I need to reference it again, I can.   I will continue to keep open communication.  One of the things I didn’t used to appreciate was having meetings.  I now appreciate the value of having regular meetings with the staff and getting their input and to feel like a team.  I will continue to grow as a learner.  I will continue to appreciate the staff. I will continue to work with the staff to become leaders themselves.  I want to thank you for the leadership you have trained us in and to look at things in a different light.  That has helped me a lot.

MD:  Yes, I think this has been an excellent program.  Thank you very much.  Definitely, I feel as a team we are better today than three months ago.  From the beginning, the first homework was to create a mission/vision statement and to have all the staff participate. All of the assignments have been very helpful and have helped us be a better team in general.  It has been a daily learning experience to deal with the staff with patience.  There is always something where I can open the book and I can find the help I need.

MD:  I feel that we have not only grown in the level of leadership, but more like in our consciousness about everything that’s going on here at the clinic.  And personally, I am more considerate of other people’s roles and other people’s expectations, not just mine.  We are better; we have a better view of our job here at the clinic in general.  The part that I really like the most is actually listening not just hearing but listening to them.  Thank you very much.

Practice Manager:  I did benefit from the program.  I always thought I was a knower where I knew everything.  This program had me take a step back and realize that I can always learn from other people – really everyone around me.  I am at a new level of leadership.

Practice Manager:  The benefit of the program is that I am a better listener for my staff and looking at things from their side.  It has also helped me in having them be leaders too.  I want them to learn and excel whether they are with our medical group or another.  It is important to me knowing that I was a part of them achieving more.  I do declare myself at a new level of leadership.  I’m having my new MA read the book, it will be helpful for her too, and then the rest of the staff.  It has very good information that they can all use.

Practice Manager:  Thank you – we will miss you.  You have helped us kind of like a therapy on a weekly basis on dealing with problems that have been at times frustrating.  It was great for me to get to know my co-managers and providers and listening to their points of view and also how they have resolved problems.  The biggest thing that stands out for me is the listening part.  Listening to what everybody has to say and taking the time.  We are used to getting orders, making sure that those orders come through for the benefit of our company, which is great.  However, in return we need to still listen to what our employees have to say, because ultimately they are the ones that are making us grow.  I thank you for that and I am definitely going back to reference your book and have my monthly meetings.  I got an increased sense of worth in that we were given this class.  There are not a lot of companies that provide this type of program.  So by me implementing ideas from your book, this will also give them an increased sense of worth.  Not only as a human being to implement in their home but at this job.  So thank you for that.

Practice Manager:  What I have taken from the program is that I’ve been doing what I say I will do.  Not only for the patients, but also for the staff.  If I tell them I’m going to do something I actually follow through.  If I tell a patient that an MA will call them back I now follow up and make sure it is done.  This program has not only helped me at work but also in my personal life.  I have been a knower my entire life.  Even with my parents.  I didn’t take what they told me into consideration.  Or take what my staff told me into consideration.  I came to work like a robot.  You give me a problem, I have a solution.  It will work and it will be my solution.  I always thought – who else will solve it?  Since taking this program I have definitely become a listener.  Not only at work, but also with my daughters.  Everyone notices it.  My parents tell me, “Gosh, you are so different.”  I tell them, “it’s Suzan Oran – it is this class I’m taking on Thursdays.”  I am now more considerate of other people’s ideas and feelings.  And I’m  being accepting of errors.  If you make a mistake, you just pick up from it and learn and keep going.  I do declare myself at a better level of leadership.  I’m a little bummed that the class is coming to an end.  I will keep the book on my desk so that if I get side tracked I can open it and read it.

Practice Manager:  The timing of this program was perfect.  I was promoted to office manager one month prior to the program.  I was feeling overwhelmed and even down thinking maybe I wasn’t up to the new role.  But this program really helped and highlighted important areas.  Dr. A and I have been practicing real communication skills.  I am acknowledging and thanking my staff and they really appreciate it.  It is easier for me to do it than before.  I now have a lot of great ideas on how to create teamwork.  Yes, I do declare myself at a new level of leadership.  Thank you for the book.

FNP-C:  It is has been a really good experience.  I really appreciate spending time to get to know everybody better.  I got to know myself a lot better too.  Some things I like, some things not so much.  I feel I have become a better listener and I think this will continue.  I don’t think I have arrived yet as far as being able to really listen.  I do look at people with different eyes.  I’m asking myself more about why they are doing what they are doing.  When there is something that doesn’t make sense to me at the time, I am now sure it makes sense to them.  So, I think differently.  I do declare myself at a new level of leadership.  I want to thank you, it’s really been a great experience and I think all of this is going to continue to grow and be helpful as time goes by. 

Practice Manager:  Overall I’ve taken so many things from the program.  I’ve taken notes every week, I’ve marked up my book and there are many things that I already refer back to.  What I really, really like is to set aside time each week to acknowledge the people in my life whether it is in my personal or work life.  I have a big family so that’s been with my family and children.  I really like the part in the program about being a listener.  Where I listen for people and listen for what they really have to say even if it doesn’t come out in their words.  And me being a learner, not just a knower.  I declare myself at a new level of leadership.  I’ve gone up the staircase maybe halfway from where I was.  I don’t think it is coincidence that the company financially has had the best couple of months that they have ever had.  I think it might have a lot to do with what we have been learning.  I know I have a long way to go but I really appreciate everything you have done and everything we learned from you.  I know that I will continue to refer to the book and to my notes and keep putting things in place.

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