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Medical Leadership

 The Art of Medical Leadership



Physician & Medical Staff Burnout:  Do you or others on your team feel close to burnout?

Medical Staff Turn Over:  Are you training staff members only to have them leave?

Patient Experience:  Are your patient satisfaction scores lower than you want?

We invite you to take yourself to a new level of leadership and expand your influence to make an even greater difference while increasing your enjoyment with your work.

This is a collection of leadership distinctions and concepts for executives, corporate staff, operation team members, physicians, providers, practice managers, nurses and medical staff.

"True leadership is drawing our leadership from others. Every person can provide leadership from their role."  Suzan Oran


Program Survey Results

What would be possible if this was true for you or your group?

94% Agree   Since completing the program, I experience being more effective as a leader and having a more positive influence from my role.

94% Agree   Since completing the program, I am now communicating with others (such as colleagues, patients, family members, etc.) with an increased sense of connection, more clarity and fewer misunderstandings.

"In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."  Eric Hoffer


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Who:  Anyone who directly or indirectly cares for patients [Physicians, Providers, Midwives, Nurses, Healthcare Executives & Management, Practice Managers and Medical staff]

Purpose of Program:  To have your medical group achieve a new level of success in the areas of: Patient Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Operational Efficiency and Profitability.

You will achieve this by participants taking themselves to a new level of leadership and by having a new level of alignment and powerful collaboration as a team.

Having your healthcare group or medical practice at peak performance occurs when you draw out leadership from each person on the team. No matter where a person is on the organizational chart, they can provide leadership to make the biggest difference for your patients. This program is designed to provide tools that facilitate improving medical outcomes for your patients while increasing patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction and the overall success of your business. By applying the distinctions we provide, you will be able to fully utilize your previous experience and knowledge to lead through a deeper intuitive understanding of leadership.

CME Credit: Eligible participants will have the opportunity to pay a separate fee to CME Outfitters, LLC, take a post test and receive their credit.  You can learn more about the available continuing education credit:  Online Program or Video Series


The Art of Medical Leadership Book

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 This book is for anyone working in healthcare:  medical group executives & operations team members, physicians, practice managers and staff members. 

 What People are Saying About The Book…

“Major change is afoot in healthcare. Effective leadership at all levels is critical. In this book, the authors present an excellent roadmap for any member of the healthcare team in a practice to learn and enhance their leadership skills. The concepts and skill sets are provided in a straightforward and powerful way for the reader. Each chapter is loaded with high level as well as practical material and concludes with a set of ‘to do’ items for real learning and acting. I strongly recommend this book for anyone working in a medical practice interested in enhancing their ability to lead themselves, their teams, and their enterprise.” Len Fromer, M.D., FAAFP Executive Medical Director Group Practice Forum

“In the Art of Medical Leadership, Suzan and Scott have provided a blueprint for transforming a medical office into a mission/vision driven high performing team.In the Art of Medical Leadership, Suzan and Scott have provided a blueprint for transforming a medical office into a mission/vision driven high performing team. I know from experience that the information is powerful when effectively applied, having been part of a company that had the wisdom to hire Suzan Oran as a consultant in 1989.  Through effective implementation of the knowledge contained in this book, we became a high performing company where people loved to work.  We contracted with hospitals to run their emergency departments.  We grew from 4 contracts in 1 city to 22 contracts in 7 states before we sold to a national contract management group. You will get a new sense of what is possible for your practice by reading this book.  My personal opinion is you will want Suzan, or someone she recommends, to accelerate transforming your practice using these principles.” David Pillow, MD Medical Director Emergency Department, William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital, Dallas, TX Past president Texas College of Emergency Physicians

“A must read for any physician looking to be successful in practice, provide true patient centered care, and be of value in their community. This book provides a clear path to an efficient and effective practice by recognizing and reconciling the role of the physician as the practice leader and the staff as engaged team members. Such a highly developed team, led by the physician is well suited to focus on and address the needs of patients in a well-coordinated fashion.  Such a highly developed team, led by the physician is well suited to deliver on the promise of the Triple Aim – improved patient health status, reduced healthcare spending, and high levels of satisfaction with care delivery and outcomes.” Jed Constantz, CEO Employer Advantage Health Care Solutions

“This book defines a “how to” leadership roadmap to change a medical practice culture from the traditional service provider model to a high performance team with a mission to improve the patient experience, employee satisfaction and practice efficiency. This is a must read for healthcare leaders!” John P. Strapp Jr. Co-Founder and Chairman The Kinetix Group                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

“The Art of Medical Leadership is a unique combination of sound leadership and experience that is a must read for physicians as well as non-physicians that plan to become the next generation of medical leaders.  As pointed out by the authors, the skills of becoming an effective leader are quite different from the skills of practicing medicine.  Suzan Oran and Scott Conard come from very different professional backgrounds and points of view, that when mixed together, form an excellent blend of experiences, passion, and vision necessary to become a great leader.” Patrick Dunn, MS/MBA Your Heart Score

“The Art of Medical Leadership contains pearls with practical impact. For those ready to move beyond the typically informal leadership skills gained during medical training, Scott and Suzan redefine listening, team building, and motivating in a whole new way. I recommend The Art of Medical Leadership for colleagues looking to take their practice and patient care to the next level.” Alyssa McManamon, MD Hematologist-Oncologist

“Suzan Oran and Dr. Scott Conard provide practical techniques to help leaders more effectively manage teams, engage others, and cast vision. An excellent leadership must-read for health care professionals.” Robert L. Duhaney, MD Internal Medicine of Addison Texas Health Physicians Group

The Art of Medical Leadership is fantastic, just the right blend of theory and practical application.   It is a “must-read” guide for medical leaders interested in learning the path toward transforming themselves and their organizations.  Bravo!” Tracy Duberman, Ph.D. President & CEO The Leadership Development Group, Inc.

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