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Suzan Oran

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Suzan Oran began her consulting business in 1986 with a commitment to making a difference through empowering people to fully contribute their unique passions, talents and skills.

Suzan provides executive and life coaching, in-house workshops, and group programs to enhance leadership and effective communication, increase productivity, as well as increase overall business success.

Suzan has had the opportunity to work with thousands of people over the years and considers herself extremely fortunate that her business has expanded across the United States strictly by client referrals. Her primary focus has been in healthcare while also working with individuals, couples and startup companies in several industries.

Suzan co-wrote the book The Art of Medical Leadership with Scott Conard, MD along with Nicole Oran. This is a collection of leadership distinctions and concepts for anyone who directly or indirectly cares for patients [Physicians, Providers, Nurses, Healthcare Executives & Management, Practice Managers and Medical Staff].

The Art of Medical Leadership is also offered as an online program and as a video series wherein participants roll up their sleeves and intentionally apply the teachings to impact their area of healthcare.  The purpose of the program is to have your medical group achieve a new level of success in the areas of: Patient Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Operational Efficiency and Profitability.

Additionally, Suzan served as the Vice President of Leadership Development for MedicalEdge Healthcare Group and PhyServe Physician Management Group where she provided workshops and coaching throughout the organizations including the senior leadership team, physicians and clinic staff.

Whether her clients participate in a group workshop or engage in an in-depth personal coaching project with her; Suzan considers it a true privilege to be a part of their lives.

Suzan Oran is also a national speaker for AbbVie Pharmaceuticals.  She presents programs to support and empower physicians and medical staff in fine-tuning their communication and relationship skills so that they can make the biggest impact possible with their patients by improving the patient experience and increasing treatment adherence.

Ms. Oran’s dedication to making a difference extends beyond her business.  She is inspired by the opportunity of being a leader and supporter of fundraising events that have raised over $0.5 million for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation  and the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Prior to founding Suzan Oran and Associates, Ms. Oran led communication and performance seminars for an international education firm and was a Vice President in a Commercial Real Estate firm in Texas.

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