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Scott Conard, MD

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Dr. Scott Conard and Suzan Oran co-wrote The Art of Medical Leadership book about a shift in mindset and transition to team based care for medical groups.  The book was released in November 2014.  They then lauched The Art of Medical Leadership program in January 2015 where participants directly apply the distinctions and concepts from the book to take themselves to a new level of leadership and increase the positive impact they have in their area of healthcare.

Scott's life’s mission is to add years to your life and life to your years by empowering you to take control of your health. This began in 1996 when three of his patients, all in their 40’s, died suddenly within a few days of visiting him.  “Come see me when you feel ill,” evolved to “let’s figure out your health risk and lower it.”  To achieve this he became a diabetes educator, certified in bariatrics and sleep medicine, and founded workplace wellness programs. 

But ultimately patients hold the real power.  In 2003 to empower, support and motivate this change they became TienaHealth  (whole and complete physical, mental, social, financial, and spiritual support) and embraced Holistic and Integrative Medicine.   They created books – The Seven Healers, Numbers, People, and Weight Loss the Jabez Way – to touch, move, and inspire their patients,

Success followed – they grew from serving <10K to >50K patients and founded a management, research, sleep, worksite wellness, and medical equipment company.  

Soon a wonderful opportunity to become the Chief Medical and Strategy Officer position at MedicalEdge appeard.  Growing from clinician/entrepreneur to corporate executive occurred as they scaled the corporation from 180 offices/ 343 providers – to 240 offices/ 510 provider in 4 years.  Re-framing care from reactive to proactive resulted in a $16 per PEPM for all patients and a $100 PEPM for people with diabetes savings in over 1M patients and in increased quality, safety, & patients satisfaction.  Those paying for health care were pleased and rewarded the group.  A major hospital also took note and they sold in 2010.  

Currently Dr. Conard works with medical groups, brokers, and employers to accelerate the demand and delivery of value based healthcare.  In addition he sits on corporate boards and speaks on health transformation and the future of medicine.  

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