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Mary Sallee

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Mary Sallee began her collaboration with Suzan Oran and Associates in 2015 where she leads The Art of Life Design program.

Mary is an executive and small business coach.  She launched her coaching business in January 2015 where she offers one-on-one and small group coaching sessions to empower people to overcome obstacles on their path of achieving high performance.

Mary specializes in individuals transitioning into leadership positions, or those exploring new careers as freelancers or entrepreneurs, where self-motivation, goal setting, and strategic vision demand creativity and self-confidence.

Originally from the US, she has worked in a wide variety of countries across a number of continents and is adept at navigating change and uncertainty in search of a broader goal. She especially enjoys sharing her experience and working with individuals who aspire to live abroad, ready to embrace the challenge in return for the excitement that comes with adapting oneself to another culture.

Her cross-cultural experience has also helped her develop a high level of integrative complexity, or the ability to recognize and integrate multiple perspectives and possibilities and their interrelated contingencies.

Mary currently delivers business training and coaching to Keller Williams UK, working with property advisors in London focused on growing their businesses to the next level.

Previously, Mary served as an Online Communications Executive for Phillip Morris International in Lausanne, Switzerland where she led a global company-wide project to redesign and relaunch the corporate website in 13 languages. Before that, Mary worked with the education team at Keller Williams Realty, Intl. to bring the leadership-training curriculum to KW leaders across North America.

Mary received her BS in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and her MBA at INSEAD in Singapore.

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